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right-red Research has shown that facial features are the most important for your first impressions. Fortunately, Body Refiners have the capabilities in enhancing almost all your facial features. This is done with their innovative treatments including: Botox and fillers, beard restoration, eyebrow restoration, facelift, rhinoplasty 
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Facelift is the most effective and safest way to rejuvenate your face. Some other treatments like Anti Wrinkles Treatment and Fillers are often used in combination. The aim of facelift is to get a well-rested fresh appearance from the forehead to the neck.
It is also important to realise and maintain a normal facial expression as well. By removing excess skin, the procedure can result in significant wrinkle reduction. The effects of sun and wind damage can also be significantly reduced. The results from a facelift can last up to 10 years.
If you are concerned with your thin-looking lips, or you would like to add a touch of fullness to create a shapely and sensual lips or a pretty Cupid’s bow, Body Refiners Lip treatment is the answer.

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Body Refiners has the ability to give you the beard or eyebrows you have always wished for; with your own natural hair!

This unique method involves:
1. You deciding the shape and areas of hair enhancement.
2. The surgeon will then restore areas required with a unique and developed FUE method.

Treatments offered:
  • Facelift
  • Rhinoplasty
  • Eyebrow restoration
  • Lip enhancement
  • Botox & Fillers
  • HPT® can be used as an alternative non-surgical option, which can create an illusion of a thickened eyebrow, or fill in gaps for patchy hair.
right-white Some facial aesthetic enhancement, may not require a surgical procedure. The talented team might be able to offer you a non-surgical procedure that will give you your desired results.
Before and After
  • before-beard-transplantBefore
  • after-beard-transplantAfter
  • before-beard-transplant-2Before
  • after-beard-transplant-2After
  • before-eyebrow-restorationBefore
  • after-eyebrow-restorationAfter
  • before-rhinoplastyBefore
  • after-rhinoplasty-After
  • before-faceliftBefore
  • after-faceliftAfter
  • before-eyebrow-restoration-2Before
  • after-eyebrow-restoration-2After

At Body Refiners we house highly qualified and experienced medical teams that will be able to appreciate your aesthetics.


Body Refiners is a brand that is based on trust, honesty and
transparency. We serve a clientele who value a personal service…


At Body Refiners we feel that sincere aftercare is imperative, and equally important to the actual medical procedure itself.

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